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Double Bay Cafe: Best Coffee & Breads

Double Bay Cafe: Best Coffee & Breads

There’s nothing more relaxing than a walk along the beach of Double Bay. With the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour, Double Bay is one of the most scenic places to visit. Sydney foodies and visitors can feel a welcoming stay in any restaurant, cafe, or bakery. Double Bay also contains some of the most stylish boutiques and magnificent mansions that belong to the country’s most expensive real estate. But a visit to Double Bay would never be complete without indulging in the artisanal bread offerings of Bake Bar Bakery and Cafe Double Bay.

Bake Bar Cafe in Double Bay

We’re here to satisfy your pastry kneads! For artisanal baked goods, visit Bake Bar Cafe and Bakery in Double Bay.

Located in the quiet Kiaora Lane, Bake Bar is your go-to coffee shop and bakery to satisfy your pastry cravings any time of the day. We make freshly-baked goods which are all made in-house, as well as a range of breakfast and lunch dishes. Watch as your bread and pastries are baked to perfection by our expert artisans in our open bakery. Start your mornings with a warm cup of coffee in the best Double Bay breakfast cafe. Come lunch, breathe in the smell of butter, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese from our menu.

Your Local Coffee Shop

Locals of Double Bay and nearby Sydney suburbs can enjoy a warm cup of coffee in our cozy cafe located at Kiaora Lane, Double Bay. We serve hot and cold drinks to suit any craving. Take a sip, relax and enjoy your stay at our cafe in Double Bay. Bake Bar is a partner of Gusto Espresso Bar, which supplies our coffee to ensure you are getting the freshest brew. Enjoy specialty coffee brews at Bake Bar!

Pair your coffee drink with the best baked goods in Sydney!
We strive to obtain organic ingredients from local suppliers to support the local community. Using only the freshest ingredients sourced from our local farmers, we’ve created a simple yet flavourful combination of pastries, pastas dishes, salads, and specialty burgers to suit your palate. Our innovative artisan bakers created and refined our own baking recipes to give our dishes their unique Bake Bar texture and taste. At Bake Bar Bakery, you can be sure that you’re getting only the best baked goods in Sydney.

Visit Bake Bar Bakery at L/15 Kiaora Rd Double Bay NSW 2028.
We are open every day all year round from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

For inquiries, call us on 02 9328 3213 or email us at You may also submit any inquiries using our contact form.

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Bake Bar’s Menu

The menu may differ slightly between stores.